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There's an evil nasty icky thing going around the house. On the way home from Harper's Retreat, Ira came down with a fever, and by the time we got home, all he really wanted to do was sleep. He was feeling better by Tuesday, and I started resisting coming down with it. I had almost fought it off, when Chris became feverish on Friday. Of course, he was a guy, and did yard work and stuff like that anyway, and ended up in bed under 5 blankets Friday evening and all day Saturday, into this morning. This morning I woke up coughing a lot with a sore throat, and I've been feeling ickier and ickier all day. Sigh. I really don't want to be sick. I really want to go to yoga tomorrow morning. I'm going to go to bed soon and hopefully that will help.

We went to Harpers last weekend. It was fun, though I didn't make it to either of the big bardic circles, and was only able to see part of the competitions. The kids needed to go to bed, and since that's so much more Chris' thing than mine, I let him go while I stayed at the cabin with the sleeping babes. I figure that someday we'll be at an event where there's an evening ball, and he can return the favor. Ira had a great time climbing on the big rock. I'm sure that all of you who have been there know the one I mean -- It was covered in children every time I saw it all weekend. He was somewhat disappointed though that all the children's activities seemed to be aimed at older children.

Lots more to say, but I'm very tired and as I said before, I'm feeling pretty icky, so I think I'm going to go now and write more another time.

Date: 2005-09-12 01:53 am (UTC)
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I'm sorry you are feeling poorly.

It's too bad you couldn't come to the ball. Don't tell anyone, but I still have the crazy rock.

Date: 2005-09-12 02:12 am (UTC)
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Feel Better energy headed that way for you and all in the house.

Date: 2005-09-12 02:13 am (UTC)
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I hope you all feel better soon!

Date: 2005-09-12 04:33 am (UTC)
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It's goignaroudn here too Bess and on top of thatAmber has a slight fungal rash on her tummy barely visible the ER doctor said it was probably from bumping into ANYTHING ...kinda scares you when yo uthink they can just PICK somethig nup by swinging ona swing in the park etc...good luck get wel lsoon hon. hug ira and the baby for me.

smaller kid sympathy

Date: 2005-09-12 12:13 pm (UTC)
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He was somewhat disappointed though that all the children's activities seemed to be aimed at older children.

I sympathize with you and Chris. Everything seems to start at age 6 and although I understand why in most cases, my son constantly asks why he can't play, even though he knows the rules. Some day they'll do something for the littler ones.

Date: 2005-09-12 01:15 pm (UTC)
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Apropos of nothing, I note that you have been nominated for the LJ 12 Babes of Christmas. (A great number of my friends and acquaintances have been. I note also that the number of accepted nominations was 8 at the start of the weekend, when I first ran into this -- it's now 45.)

Just sayin'.
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